Welcome to Dovedale!


This is a bit of sandbox for my various ideas on WordPress themes as well as acting as a pointer to my blog and various other sites of interest.

Dovedale itself is a company that I set up in 2000, offering:

  • Business Operations Consultancy, including expertise and  experience in Business Process (Re)Engineering, IT & Telecoms, Project Management and Operations Management.
  • European Social Fund (ESF) and Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Contract Management, Tendering Process, UK Government e-procurement processes and systems.


BTW: The blue bike in the photo is my Honda CB900FZ from 1979 – the photo was taken by Classic Bike magazine for a feature in their November 2009 issue. The other bikes are a Suzuki GS1000S, Kawasaki Z1000 and Yamaha XS1100.


The name came from my house: