The Departure Lounge

Most (?) of you will know of the awesome A339 between Alton and Basingstoke as one of the most exciting pieces of tarmac in the region – at least when its not clogged with traffic and over-policed. But have you ever been to The Departure Lounge Café?

Just north of Alton, before the end of the 40mph limit, on the left, there’s a garden centre. Round the back is The Departure Lounge.

departure lounge cafe altonThis is nowhere near an airfield (as long as you don’t count Lasham) but sports a (big) aeroplane…

It also sports an excellent cafe: loads of space, decent menu, good coffee and a bar licence as well (I spotted 6X and Spitfire beers on the shelf).

departure lounge cafeDeparture Lounge Cafe - not going anywhere in a hurrythey write on the floor too (see AV8)Remember AV8? These guys write on the floor too!

And most importantly…

bikers welcome“Would you take your wife there” rating = YES

Overall 9/10 – Coffee at £2.20 is top whack.